With the technology of GNSS, GIS, wireless communication and combining with PLC system, AGSS achieves automatic steering and makes RTG’s operation as easy as the RMG. It greatly relieves the work pressure from drivers, and enables the drivers focus on the obstacles or emergency situation instead of concentrating on steering the crane, which heightens safety and increases efficiency.


GNSS Positioning Accuracy: 1 cm + 1ppm(RMS);

AGSS Accuracy:≤ ±5cm, ±1°; the maximum deviation is less than 10cm;

Interface: ProfiBus, RS232, Ethernet, etc;

Professional Maintenance Software: Visual UI makes daily maintenance more convenient;

Optional Functions: Safety control when passing the block crossing area; Forbidden area control; Anti-collision with constructions and other fixed objects.

Technical Advantages

Satellite Navigation Technology

High precision, all-weather operation, working 7X24 all-day-around, without man-made reference.

Prejudging the Track

According to the kinematic characters, AGSS can prejudge the motion trend of RTG and adjust the direction and speed in advance.

Yard GIS Data Compensation

AGSS can collect, filtrate and calculate the yard undulation parameters and virtual track data, then generating GIS data, which will be stored in the controller. So, AGSS can automatically eliminate the effect of deviation caused by yard undulation, and achieve auto steering when passing the block yard crossing area. GNSS/Encoder Data Fusion Algorithm

AGSS can collect, filtrate, contrast, fuse, and calculate all the real-time data from GNSS and Encoder, which will highly guarantee the accuracy and stability.

Self-check Function (Safety)

With self-check function, when something goes wrong with AGSS, it will warn the driver by flash light or buzzer, then AGSS system can be shut down manually or automatically, and the crane can work normally without AGSS system.

Extended Function

AGSS can be achieved by applying laser detection and ranging technology.


Container Position Determination System(PDS)



Auto Gantry Steering System (AGSS)