With the data from laser scanners, trolley encoder and hoist encoder, SPS can gain the real-time location of the spreader or a lifted container and the profile of stacked containers when the crane is working in the stack yard. SPS can control the movement of trolley and spreader, avoiding the collision between the spreader or lifted container and the container.


Dual-laser control, without non-detection zone;

High reliability by Laser/Encoder/GNSS data fusion algorithm;

Container Stack Profile Accuracy: 10cm;

Humanization design: In order to adapt to the driver’s operation habit, the unique deceleration design makes the spreader move stably and smoothly within the minimum distance;

Protected target policy: Heightens the protective level in the vehicle lane;

Professional maintenance software: Visual UI makes daily maintenance more convenient;

Compatibility with a variety of laser sensors: HOKUYO, SICK, etc;

Extended Functions: SPS automatically calculates the optimal path for spreader and controls spreader movement.

Technical Advantages

Dual-Laser Data Fusion Algorithm

Redundancy check, without non-detection zone, high timeliness by updating the real-time profiles instantly. Smooth Control

SPS uses multiple-stage deceleration methods to achieve smooth stop; combining with real-time position, speed of trolley and the height of spreader, SPS dynamically generates the minimum safety limited zone and forbidden zone to adapt to the habit of RTG driver.

Identifying the Non-standard Containers

Employing optimal mode identification algorithms, SPS can identify non-standard containers, such as open-top container, tank container, and so on.

Laser/Encoder Data Fusion

Combining data from laser scanners and encoders, it increases the robustness and safety of SPS.

Self-check Function (Safety)

With self-check function, when something goes wrong with SPS, it will warn the driver by flash lights or buzzer, then SPS system can be shut down manually or automatically, and the crane can work normally without SPS system.


Container Position Determination System(PDS)
STS Chassis Positioning System(STS CPS)



Stack Profiling System(SPS)