Combined with GALAXY IPC products, OPVM can achieve the main functions as follows, monitoring the real-time position and speed of all the operating machines in the terminal; displaying all the machines status in 2D/3D mode; recording the motion trail, mileage, violations and supporting playback function; alarming for over speed, and so on. It can improve the operation efficiency and reduce the operating cost. Moreover, OPVM can send the real-time position of machines to TOS and support overall optimized dispatching of working machines in the yard. OPVM can also receive the job orders from TOS and achieve the graphical simulation and emulation to have a better operational plan.


Monitoring Machines: STS, RTG/RMG, Trailer, reach stacker, forklift, etc;

Return Interval of Monitoring Information: <1s;

Supporting multiple playback modes: Overall yard playback and single machine playback;

Interface with TOS: Providing the real-time position of machines to TOS; importing TOS job orders and achieving graphical simulation and emulation.


2D/3D Visual Monitoring

OPVM can show STS, RTG/RMG, trailer, yard, containers and machines in 2D/3D.

Playback Analysis

OPVM can help to find out the problem and analyze the reasons by playback. It supports the overall yard playback and single machine playback.

Interface with TOS

OPVM can provide the real-time position of machines to TOS; OPVM can import TOS job orders and achieve graphical simulation and emulation of job orders.

Overspeed Alarm

The region with different limited speed can be customized by OPVM and the overspeed vehicles can also be judged and displayed.

Statistics Analysis

OPVM can sum up the information of the machines malfunction, mileage and so on, which will be convenient for machines monitoring and maintenance.


Chassis Lift Prevention System ( CLPS)



Operating Process Visualization Management (OPVM)